• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nippon Tokushu Fabric Inc. regards the protection of customers' privacy as very important.
Our perspective of and measures for privacy protection are as explained below.
This privacy policy is applied when Nippon Tokushu Fabric Inc. handles personal information※1obtained through this website.

1.Application for our services, etc. through this website
We may disclose or provide customers' personal information entered by customers when applying for our services, such as requests for documents through dedicated pages on this website, to third parties who require the information to implement such services, depending on the type of service. In such a case, we post notes on individual dedicated pages for application for such services. In addition, if customers do not provide the information necessary to implement our services, we may not provide services.
2.IP address※2
We acquire IP addresses that are used when customers' computers are connected to the Internet, for our website administration. Such IP addresses are used only for operating and managing the services on this website appropriately and safely, and they will not be associated with customers' personal information, such as names.
We may utilize cookies to realize more advanced services.
Cookies are for enabling customers to use the contents of this website more conveniently when they visit this website again, and they do not acquire customers' personal information and do not have an improper influence on customers' computers.
Internet browsers can be configured to block all cookies and to display a message before cookies are transmitted. However, such configurations may interfere with the comfortable use of this website.
4.Statistical tool
In order to continuously provide information services that are easy to use and valuable for customers, we employ a Web beacon※4on this website to aggregate statistical data on variations in the number of visitors and the habits of browsing between pages to seize the trend of access from customers. We also do not analyze specific customers in this measurement.
※1 Personal information
Refers to information concerning an individual that can include the name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and place of work that we collect for our businesses, which enables the identification of a specific individual by using or combining one or more pieces of such information.
※2 IP address
Refers to a number that enables the identification of a computer that is accessing the website server (not for identifying a visitor from the computer).
※3 Cookies
Refers to identification information that is transmitted from a website server to the browser of a visitor and retained on the browser side for efficient operation of the website.
※4 Web beacon
Refers to a technology for acquiring statistical information on the access to specific web pages on a website using cookies.