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President Tetsuo Emori

Create new values by coming together as one.

"Quality" consists of various elements.
For example, materials and substances that are the sources of products and the production and testing facilities for manufacturing products are visible elements. Aside from these, the quality is also supported by invisible elements, such as the skills, techniques, and morals of those working in plants, the spirit that have been inherited in the plants, and the culture where the company was founded and has been developed.

Nittoku, which was founded in Katsuyama, a place with beautiful nature and tradition, has protected morals and put effort into manufacturing activities stubbornly and honestly based on wisdom, clemency, and delicacy as our corporate philosophy. While introducing advanced production equipment ahead of the times, we have been committed to improving the skills and building the characters of individual employees. Various visible and invisible elements like these have created today's Nittoku quality.
With the facilities, technologies, and a single mind, we hope to realize manufacturing at levels that cannot be achieved only with machinery, through harmonization between humans and machinery, as well as to contribute to creating new values for customers with our excellent product and quality strengths.

To deliver our manufacturing technologies that we have cultivated in Katsuyama, a small town, to the world more globally, Nittoku keeps running towards tomorrow.

President Tetsuo Emori