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Numerous developmental achievements signifiesNittoku's proven technological capabilities

Nittoku prototypes and develops a wide variety of products to meet customer demands.
We can create any kind of product as long as the original threads requested by customers are procurable, and the products can be woven with our equipment.
So far, we have made achievements in many fields, such as foods, home electric appliances, construction, automobiles, public work projects, agriculture, and industry-related engineering materials.
We propose products that satisfy customers with our proven technological capabilities.

Product Development Flow

Nittoku is one of few domestic manufacturers who conduct processes from purchase of original threads to weaving and processing in an integrated system.
We also cooperate with subcontractors and can respond to detailed requests from customers.

  • 01.Purchase of original threads from original thread manufacturers
    Purchase of original threads from original thread manufacturers
  • 02.Thread twisting and warping preparation
    Thread twisting and warping preparation
  • 03.Weaving
  • 04.Processing (dyeing, scouring, and heat setting)

FAQ Regarding Prototyping and Development

Will you make proposals on original threads?

Of course, we can make proposals as long as the original threads that meet customer needs are available from original thread manufacturers.

How long does it take for prototyping and development?

Although it depends on the type and quantity of the product developed, it takes approximately one to two months after having a meeting.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us because the cost varies depending on the original thread used and product specifications.