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Nittoku's production volume is world class and we confidently take this as proof that our products and it's quality are recognized globally. Quality is created through the eyes and hands of skilled employees. The skills of the employees that cannot be replaced by machinery have been demonstrated in all manufacturing processes and continues to support Nittoku's quality. In order to cultivate, inherit, and develop such human skills, Nittoku has made lots of efforts. We spend time fostering human resources, and they enhance their skills and pass them on to future generations.
Quality that has been enhanced over time by human hands can be in your hands also!

Products that require high quality like medical filters are produce in spaces where the level of cleanliness is kept at high levels in order to prevent dust and dirt from attaching to products.

Quality Policy

To consistently supply quality with high customer satisfaction

Quality Assurance

All domestic plants, Shanghai Nittoku Fabric Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Smart Fabric Co., Ltd., (China) are ISO 9001 certified.